Monster Energy


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Monster Energy

Monster is the meanest energy drink on the planet. It’s the ideal combo of the right ingredients in the right proportion to deliver the boost that only Monster can. Monster packs a powerful punch but has a smooth easy drinking flavour. Monster products in Cyprus include: Monster Energy, Absolutely Zero, The Doctor, Ultra White,  Ultra Paradise, Ultra Blue, Ripper, Mixxd Punch, Mango Loco, Pipeline Punch and Pacific Punch. Also, in the Monster family is included: Espresso Monster (Vanilla, Milk) and Predator (gold, green). 

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Absolutely Zero

People have been blowin' up our inbox for years asking for a zero sugar Monster. We got but this ain't soda pop, dude! Making a zero sugar drink, that's good enough to earn the Monster M ain't that easy. Finally, with a re-tooled energy blend, new sweetener system and after hundreds of failed flavors, we got it right! Monster Zero Sugar: helps fight fatigue, improve mental performance and focus, and motivates you to work (I mean play) harder, so generally you feel pretty damn good. Zero sugar, Monster buzz...

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The doctor

MotoGP Champion Valentino Rossi has thrilled fans around the world, with over 100 victories and 9 world Championships. We teamed up with Valentino, AKA "The Doctor" ™ to create our fastest Monster ever. With a light, crisp, refreshing citrus flavour and a full load of our legendary Monster Energy blend, it will get you up to speed in a hurry!

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Mango Loco

On the eve of October 31st each year friends and family gather to celebrate "Dia de Los Muertos." Marigolds, mysticism, and memories combined with food and drink entice the sounds of the departed to join the party. Mango Loco is a heavenly blend of exotic juices certain to attract even the most stubborn spirit. Crazy good taste with just enough of that Monster magic to keep the party going for days… Unleash The Beast!

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Monster Pipeline Punch

Banzai Pipeline, the world's most famous wave, on Oahu's fabled North Shore comes alive for just a few brief months every winter. In honor of this epic force of nature, we created Juice Monster Pipeline Punch. The perfect blend of the best flavors Hawaii has to offer - passion fruit, orange & guava, then "Monsterized" with a full load of our famous energy blend. And, just like the wave is named for, it is destined to become a legend. Unleash The Beast!

401303210_PH_POS_SCL_330_SLEEK_GR_D 401303210_PH_POS_SCL_330_SLEEK_GR_D

Monster MIXXD Punch

There’s always Someone who likes to mix things up at the Party. The DJ mixing the music or someone mixing the punch bowl to get the party rolling. At Monster we like to stir things up a bit too and inevitably our next great concoction comes to life. Monster MIXXD, a tropical punch sensation packed with a full load of our Monster Energy blend. It’s sure to get the party started, day or night! It’s sure to get the party started, day or night!

1256x800_Pacific_Punch_Hero_LR 1256x800_Pacific_Punch_Hero_LR

Pacific Punch

The newest flavor to the Juice family has been designed to follow the success of Pipeline Punch and Mango Loco.

Currently, fruit punch is growing in popularity in the US, and this punch flavor is reminiscent of that classic fruit punch we all grew up with as kids. Unlike the well-known Hawaiian fruit punch, Pacific Punch is lighter,  smoother and just the right amount of sweet. This classic blend includes tastes of orange, cherry, pineapple, and apple. The old traditional, iconic tattoo style of the 60’s inspired the Pacific Punch can design. Given that the flavor is so traditional, it only made sense to bring the tradition full circle. After all, what’s traditional fruit punch without sailor tattoos? This style was considered classic rebellion in its day and nothing was more American!

1256x800_Spain_Portugal_Monster_Ripper_500ml_Can_POS_0320 1256x800_Spain_Portugal_Monster_Ripper_500ml_Can_POS_0320

Monster Ripper

The Juice is Loose… Our Pro Athletes are always looking for an edge, so when they’ve got an idea we listen. After months in the lab we perfected the “Juice Monster”. We started with our famous Monster flavour, mixed in a killer combo of fruit juices, then powered it up with the full load of our energy blend and stood back.  It’s Alive… Monster Khaos, an insane Juice-Monster hybrid bubbling with the great Monster taste and the big Monster MAGIC you know and love. 20% Juice – 100% Monster! The Juice is Loose…

401303210_PH_POS_SCL_330_SLEEK_GR_D 401303210_PH_POS_SCL_330_SLEEK_GR_D

Ultra White

Some people are impossible to please. As soon as they get what they thought they wanted they always want more. Our team riders and Monster Girls are no different… they’ve been dropping some hints lately. They’ve been asking us for a new Monster drink. Monster Zero Ultra a.k.a. the "White Monster" is zero sugar, lighter-tasting, zero calories, but with a full load of our Monster energy blend. Sure, white is the new black. We went all out: Monster Energy Zero Ultra. Unleash The Ultra Beast!

1256x800_PF0091-EComms-single-can-ultra-paradise-500ml-shoptimised_v1 1256x800_PF0091-EComms-single-can-ultra-paradise-500ml-shoptimised_v1

Ultra paradise

Where is paradise? A chalet on the slopes, a streamside ranch or a penthouse in the city? How about a private island with a white sand beach, turquoise water and a gentle tropical breeze? Monster Ultra Paradise, pure, crisp, invigorating island flavours. Kick back and enjoy. Paradise is wherever you can find it!

1256x800_Ultra-Blue 1256x800_Ultra-Blue

Ultra Blue

Aspen, Chamonix, Park City, Whistler, Mammoth…the list goes on. The competition & training circuit has taken the team on some epic snow trips. In honour of these mountain towns comes Ultra Blue. Best served ice cold from the frosty can, Ultra Blue is a little less sweet and lighter-tasting with zero calories and a full-load of our Monster energy blend. From first chair to last call…