Through our production we support the local market as we partner with more than 750 suppliers. Furthermore our extensive distribution network  includes 7,000 points of sale, through which we address the needs of approximately 1,000,000 consumers across the country, offering 20 high quality brands. 



The supply chain function is responsible for the Company's procurement, planning, manufacturing, engineering and sustainability. It plays a central role in making sure that we execute all our processes with excellence while minimizing our environmental footprint; from sourcing raw materials and manufacturing to delivering the end product to our customers.

Soft Drinks Plant in Nicosia

The largest beverage production and distribution facility in Cyprus!

Our soft drinks plant operates since 1952 in Nicosia.

Milk Production Plant in Nicosia

The fresh milk production plant of Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus operates in Nicosia since 2001 under the highest international industry standards.

Kykkos Production Plant

The third production plant of our Company is located in the mountains of Kykkos, where we bottle Kykkos Natural Mineral Water.