Soft Drinks Plant

Our Nicosia plant has been producing soft drinks since 1952 , when our founder N. K. Lanitis decided to move the Company's headquarters to the capital.

At this plant, we produce Coca‑Cola, Coca‑Cola Light, Coca‑Cola Zero, Sprite, Fanta in packages of 250 ml, 500 ml and 1,5 lt while also Schweppes Soda and  Tonic in 1,5 lt.

Throughout the years, the plant has been one of the major purchasers of raw materials on the island, packaging and other materials from local suppliers  constantly ascertaining its presence and playing an essential role in the development of the local economy and society.

€42 m.

annual spend to local suppliers and producers

€22 m.

total investment within the last decade

Near the factory in Engomi, Nicosia, one can also find our warehouse, distribution centre as well as the central offices. Our warehouse was built in 2012, according to the strictest standards of Coca‑Cola HBC Group, with an investent of  € 7,2 million and covers 5,800 square meters. It' s high technological standards enable us to efficiently manage product inventories and ensure the best service for our customers.

In January 2021, the Nicosia plant was certified with the highest, golden distinction by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) for the holistic approach to the rational management of water resources as a result of the targeted sustainable development strategy implemented by the company.

We use water more efficiently by improving the water ratio from 2.86 lt per liter of product produced in 2019 to 2.66 in 2020 (-7%) and we aim to further reduce it through the adoption of the most contemporary practices. Reducing the ecological footprint is always a priority for us that is not strictly limited to our immediate activities. It is also connected to the other links of the supply chain, our suppliers and distributors, and extends to the wider society, with the development and implementation of information and awareness programs.

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