Youth Empowered

We want youth in Cyprus to become employable and pursue their dreams, that's why we have been organizing "Youth Empowered" since 2017. It targets youngsters between 18-30 years old that are currently not in the job market and, through dedicated physical and online training, we provide them with the skills and mentoring to make a positive change in their lives, by pursuing meaningful job opportunities. During the three years we have been rolling out the Program, we have managed to engage more than 3,000 people many of whom have already been employed. 

Like-minded companies and HR experts have joined forces with us enabling us to create a dynamic and effective network to share our knowledge. Some of the partnering companies include: Inbussines, Ant1, Delema/McCANN, Microsoft, Deloitte, PWC, EY, CYTA, Cyprus Marketing Youth Society,, AKTI, Grantexperts, Compass4U,StudentLife, Cyprus Marketing Youth Society, HeartCyprus, Catercom, GrandExperts, Nicosia Municpality and Gloria Jeans. Moreover, in 2020 we collaborated with all major Universities in Cyprus: University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia, European University, Open University, Frederick University.

We are also thankful for the Program' s endorsement by the Ministry of Labor,  Cyprus Youth Council and Youth Board of Cyprus.

leadership leadership


Connection with senior executives of Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus, Coca‑Cola and the partners and organizations supporting the Program. The network has more than 150 mentors who are willing to share with you their background, knowledge and experience and to answer your questions in order to help you in your first steps on the job market. 

skills skills


Personal and professional skills that will empower you and enrich your CV. The goal is to boost your self-confidence and with the proper skills and preparation, achieve your dream job. The program spans a broad spectrum of training areas, including time management, negotiation skills, project management, how to make your CV stand out, preparing for an interview, networking. 

network network


The program introduces you to an extensive network of people, companies and organizations who all believe in the young generation's talent and skills and constantly seek people to join their team. Your strengths and skills are communicated to the right people.