Premium spirits responsible marketing policy

Our responsible marketing policy for premium spirits is set out below.

Our responsible marketing policy for premium spirits is set out below.


The Coca‑Cola HBC Premium Spirits Responsible Marketing Policy is intended to provide clear and consistent guidance to all employees about our standards for responsible marketing, advertising and promotion of the premium spirits products the company distributes and sells on behalf of its business partners.

The Policy is to be strictly adhered to in the same manner as the codes, policies and commitments regarding Coca‑Cola HBC operations and activities in respect of the non-alcoholic beverages we produce and distribute in order to reflect the company’s high standards, core values and social responsibility commitments.


The Coca‑Cola HBC Responsible Marketing Policy for Premium Spirits applies to all marketing activities including but not limited to selling activities, merchandising, sales and brand advertising, on-and offpremise promotional activities and related materials, brand innovation activities, experiential marketing, consumer planning and market research, relationship marketing, consumer public relations, the development and content of brand web sites, electronic communications and digital media, product placements and sponsorships, and labeling and packaging.

Compliance with Law and Regulation/ Regulatory Framework

All marketing activities must be in accordance with the applicable laws of the countries where Coca‑Cola HBC sells and distributes premium spirits. Commercial communication for premium spirits, regardless of the media used (print, electronic/digital media, posters, packaging, promotions, sponsorships and other promotional activities) must also comply with the applicable provisions of industry- agreed guidelines for each country. For Europe-wide, industry common marketing standards, please refer to the documents and materials which can be found at, provided by Spirits Europe, of which our premium spirits partners or their industry associations are members.

Any complaints or criticism by any person relating to the marketing and promotion of premium spirits products by Coca‑Cola HBC should be reported immediately to the local PA&C and Legal Departments to proceed with any appropriate or necessary actions.


Coca‑Cola HBC countries selling and distributing premium spirits must establish regular training programmes for all staff involved in the sales, merchandising, consumer marketing, trade marketing, customer planning, R&D and PA&C of premium spirits brands.

If you wish to receive more information relating to this Policy or compliance with its provisions, please contact your local premium spirits manager or PA&C and Legal departments.

Last updated: April, 2015.