Mission Water

In 2013 we introduced the Non Conventional Water Resources Program "Mission Water" within the context of our commitment to manage responsibly our natural resources and raw materials so as to ensure our sustainable future.

The Program is implemented in collaboration with the international organisation Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP-Med) and with the exclusive funding from the Coca‑Cola Foundation with the amount of 680,000 dollars. We installed 8 grey water recycling systems in primary, secondary schools and environmental education centres and restored 8 grey water collection in Cyprus' schools. Moreover, in March 2018, we installed the grey water recycling system at Makareio stadium. We also installed two water saving systems in Nicosia Municipal swimming pool and Famagusta Gate. During our Program 280 teachers and 30 technicians were trained.

Through the systems installed, 5,840,000 litres of water are returned annually to our community. The water that is saved, is collected and reused mainly for secondary usages, whilst the use of such techniques is highlighted through various educational, training and awareness actions. The implementation of the project benefited more than 83.000 people in Cyprus. 

The value of the Mission Water programme reaffirms our commitment to sustainable development and covers the entire spectrum of our operations.  The specific project is even more valuable in the sensitive case of Cyprus which has been recognized as one of the European countries facing the highest level of water resources scarcity. In fact, the project’s reputation has travelled beyond the borders of Cyprus, since in 2015 it was awarded as the second-best practice worldwide in the World Water Showcase Competition of the 7th World Water Forum.

Mission Water results


water saving systems of national importance


$ by the Coca-Cola Foundation


million liters of water saved annually