The new Coca-Cola Zero advertising campaign, "The best Coca-Cola ever made", just aired in Cyprus  invites us to take a sip of the newly reformulated Coca-Cola Zero and enjoy its unique taste, making it the ideal companion for pizza nights with friends, marathons of TV series and epic gaming! All the ingredients of our favorite soft drink remain the same, while the only change is the mixture of aromas , which make it even more delicious and refreshing, bringing it closer to the authentic Coca-Cola Original Taste, without sugar and without calories. Its look is also revamped and simplified, with the characteristic red color of the brand dominating its packaging, and its timeless logo in black, so that one can easily recognise this is the new Coca-Cola Zero, the best Coca-Cola ever made.

True to its strategy of developing new, innovative products and offering constantly more low- or zero-sugar options to consumers, the company has created the new Coca-Cola Zero, whose taste comes even closer to the authentic taste of Coca -Cola Original Taste, that people have been enjoying for 135 years now. A choice that will surely be loved by both loyal fans of Coca-Cola Zero, and by those who are looking for the authentic taste of Coca-Cola Original Taste, without sugar and without calories.

At the same time, with the launch of the new Coca-Cola Zero taste, the company presents the new creative direction of the Coca-Cola family brand, which will now utilize the emblematic and timeless logo of the brand as well as its red color, as dominant elements in all product variants of our favorite soft drinks. Following the global strategy "One Brand" launched in 2016, the new design is simpler and clearly indicates the variations in taste, calories, and ingredients, emphasizing the different options offered by the company. So, when the consumer sees the white Coca-Cola logo on the label, then he knows that it is the Coca-Cola Original Taste, and respectively, when he sees the black logo, he knows that it is the Coca-Cola Zero.

Coca-Cola Zero's new advertising campaign, "The best Coca-Cola ever made", will be supported through a comprehensive communication plan, which includes TV spots, digital and social media, e-sampling, out of home communication, as well as in store activations.