Coca-Cola in Cyprus supports the national effort to increase recycling rates, by taking action. Through its new campaign entitled "Every Empty Bottle Matters", it aspires to actively support the country's national effort to achieve the recycling targets of single use plastic beverage bottles of 77% by 2025 and 90% by 2029, as defined by the European Union, as well as to contribute to raise consumers’ awareness around the principles of the circular economy. True to its vision for a World Without Waste, Coca-Cola in Cyprus has a comprehensive strategy for sustainable development focusing on:

1. Packaging design with at least 50% recycled plastic content by 2030

2. Collecting and recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans, for every single one it places in the market by 2030

3. Collaborating with social partners through the social platform Zero Waste Beach.

The Company has already achieved its 100% recyclable packaging design goal in Cyprus, thus it now strives to increase the use of recycled PET material in the content of its bottles and reduce the overall percentage of plastic used in its packaging. The goal is to launch PET packaging with at least 50% recycled plastic by 2030, while focusing on innovation and development of packaging with a smaller environmental footprint. Also, in 2021, Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus will invest €4 million to remove the plastic film from the multipacks of its aluminium cans through a new type of packaging called KeelClip ™, an initiative implemented for the first time in the non-alcoholic beverages sector, but also in our country, equivalent to a reduction of almost 287 tons of plastic per year.

Furthermore, the company prioritizes the education of citizens in recycling and the principles of the circular economy through specific awareness campaigns it rolls out. It has recently launched the new campaign "Every Bottle Matters” as an additional educational vehicle for strengthening public environmental awareness.

For Coca-Cola in Cyprus, changing the attitude of citizens towards waste in combination with a single, efficient, and transparent, national deposit system that the industry is called to operate, it strongly believes we can and must meet the national collection and recycling targets set by the EU.

The Company believes that the best vehicle for social contribution with a significant impact are initiatives that focus on cooperation and sustainable development. Thus, for the last two years, it has implemented the innovative and substantial Zero Waste Beach program in collaboration with AKTI Center for Studies and Research. The program is funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation and sets into practice the Coca-Cola Company's global vision for "A World Without Waste".  Zero Waste Beach’s goal is to mobilize all stakeholders and the public in the fight against marine plastic pollution, through Intervention, Education and Behaviour Change, so that citizens can change their attitude towards waste, a legacy program for future generations.