On World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5th, Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus announced its new Coca-Cola HBC Group wide, environmental targets for reducing further its footprint by 2025.

Responsible development, the protection of our planet and natural resources are at the heart the Company’s daily activities. Although the Company, annually seeks to grow, it simultaneously strives to reduce its environmental footprint by setting stringent improvement targets. The entire Organisation works hard to achieve these goals and makes steady progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Environmental Development Commitments set by the Coca-Cola HBC Group, which leads the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for many years now.

Specifically, the Group was distinguished as the leading company in the beverage industry in Europe, for 2018, in the Dow Jones Sustainable Development Index (DJSI). This is the 6th time in 7 years that it is ranked first in the Index and the 9th consecutive year gaining one of the top three industry positions at global and European level.

Commitment to these practices is deeply rooted in the Company's mission, values, ​​and business strategy. It determines every decision, ensuring that it creates timeless and real value with the goal of a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

Through an impact analysis process, dialogue with all stakeholders and regular audits, the Company identifies areas where it can achieve the greatest improvement.

These areas are:

· A World Without Waste

· Reduction of pollutant emissions

· Rational water management

· Responsible supplies

· Reduction of calories in the soft drink portfolio

· Care of people and societies where it operates

Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus’ 2020 results achieved through its environmental practices  are remarkable. Specifically, the Company in 2020, reduced the energy consumption in its factories by 5,423,727 MJ, i.e., 14% compared to 2019 whereas 44.4% of its refrigerators on the market are energy efficient with the goal of reaching 50% by 2025. Also, through the program for responsible water management, in 2020, water consumption was reduced by 25,168,608 lt, 3,804,805lt were saved, while the water consumption index in the production units of the Company decreased by 4.95% per unit of product (lt / ltpr) compared to the previous year. Regarding the recycling, 100% of the packaging of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus is recyclable and from February 2021, the Company replaced the plastic straws of LANITIS juices 250ml with paper straws.