Lanitis Juices

For the past 71 years, LANITIS Juices have been the first preference of Cypriot consumers, offering a wide variety of delicious juice flavours for any time of the day, any occasion and any age.

Lanitis Juices'  excellent quality and taste, quaranteed by our production and packaging tecological high standards, establish the long-term relationship of trust with the Cypriot consumers. 

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Life is full of flavour. Try them all and discover your own.

With many delicious flavours and the same quality and freshness in each of them, Lanitis juices come to us to remind us to enjoy our beautiful moments with those we love. The "Live with Taste" campaign was created to deliver the freshness our lives need. The positivity and optimism. Accompanied by pleasure, each experience resembles that fruity feeling that rejuvenates and prepares you to live more. Release the pleasure of life and throw it in your glass. It’s yours to enjoy.

Lanitis Juices

Our portfolio includes a variety of juices and fruit drinks in many different flavours and practical packages, providing our consumers with a range of options that cover their different personal preferences. Our juices and fruit drinks contain vitamins and nutrients, provide hydration, and contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  


We fit all the pleasure of Lanitis juices, in a new packaging of 330ml. Our favourite 100% natural Orange Juice with bits, our 100% natural Apple-Orange-Carrot juice and the delicious fruit juice Cocktail Pomegranate, are here in a new practical packaging of 330ml. The practical safety cap offers us an easy way to enjoy our favourite juices whenever we want to, wherever we are. OPEN-ENJOY-CLOSE!


LANIITIS FUN! juices are ideal as school snacks for kids, at sports and at play. They are easy to carry, and use come in tasty fruit combinations loved by kids and contain valuable vitamins and nutrients. The juices come in two fruit flavors – apple and strawberry - and in 250ml Tetra Pak packaging. LANITIS FUN! doesn’t include any preservatives or coloring and its 250ml size covers 50% of the recommended daily supply of Vitamin B6, B12, C and E.

Lanitis Great Start

Great Start juices are the perfect nutritional suggestion to start your day with energy and great mood. The whole range consists of four exquisite and delicious juices that offer toning and invigoration to our body due to the necessary vitamins they contain. Orange juice in 330ml and 1L packages, Orange and other fruits, 6 fruits with a drop of honey, 8 fruits and vegetables in 250ml and 800ml packages. The best enjoyment, for a strong start and an even better rest of the day.

Lanitis Active

Through its unique recipe, consisting of 10 different fruits, Lanitis Active juice offers consumers 10 different vitamins with an authentic and distinct taste, and encourages them to expand their limits and live in a dynamic environment - in and out of the house, in the office, the gym, the park, alone, with family or with friends and beloved ones. Lanitis Active is available in two packages: 330ml and 1L.



Lanitis Active campaign gives consumers a boost and challenges them to discover their own dynamic self

FSCC logo FSCC logo

LANITIS Juices bear the FSC logo since they have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

This is an internationally recognised, independent, non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of forests all over the world.

Considering consumers' needs, LANITIS juices meet the market challenges, offering choices that blend the nutritional value of fruit juice with a delicious taste. The top-quality ingredients and the excellent bottling procedures ensure quality, delicious flavour and healthy pleasure, free of preservatives, contributing to a balanced lifestyle.

New Design New Design

In 2016, Lanitis Juices, refreshed its image to highlight the brand's history and quality, adopting a new logo and appearance, and launching a TV campaign. The renewed image of LANITIS Juices focuses on the core values that have defined the brand from its establishment in 1949: a tradition that remains unchanged through time, top quality in every package and an unrivalled taste. The new design highlights convenience and content while underlining the nutrients in each juice!