KYKKOS natural mineral water

The Natural Mineral Water KYKKOS originates from the mountaintops of the Kykkos Region and invites people to come closer to nature and discover a greener world in every aspect of their life! The forest of Kykkos is full of images and inspiration that could transform the way we see the world. KYKKOS Water, faithful to its place of origin, continuously implements initiatives and campaigns, that bring people closer to nature, raising awareness and mobilising stakeholders for the protection of Cypriot forests!

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Discover Our Campaigns

Draw Kykkos Forest 2014 Campaign Draw Kykkos Forest 2014 Campaign

Draw Kykkos forest

In 2014 we took the initiative to highlight the beauty and grandeur of the Kykkos forest and to bring it closer to each one of us. In order to raise awareness, we invited our audience to see it through the eyes of children. So we asked the children to be inspired by its beauty and draw it. The campaign "Draw the Kykkos forest" spoke to the hearts of the young artists of our country and recorded a huge success. As part of our campaign, we held an event where we awarded the designs which stood out, that was enjoyed by our youngsters and their families. To reward our children’s efforts even more, we selected 4 designs to decorate our 1.5Lx6 package, in a pioneering move for the Cypriot market. The great success of this campaign was the springboard for a series of campaigns that brought the Natural Mineral Water Kykkos to the top of our hearts.

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Discover Kykkos forest in your City

Our next initiative in 2015 aimed to highlight the beauty of the Kykkos forest, through the photographic lens of the Cypriots. In order to convey the message that the beauty of the Kykkos forest is everywhere in our city, we invited everyone to observe their city from a different perspective and discover nature's beauty. The campaign was a huge success with participation surpassing 1531, proving in the most beautiful way that the beauty of nature always moves and motivate us. At the end of the competition we held a photo exhibition where we awarded the best participations, while the three bets photos decorated our 1.5Lx6 package. 

Our awarded photos:

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Create Kykkos forest in your City

Being true to our vision of protecting our forests, in 2016 we conducted the campaign entitled "Create Kykkos forest in your city." In order to create a unique experience for our audience, we produced a pioneering, for the time, application inviting people to upload two different photos, one depicting the city and one depicting nature and to unite them as one. We then asked the public to select the initiative our Company should implement.The campaign was completed with 144 entries and 4,584 votes. Upon completion of this campaign, we sponsored the installation of rainwater cisterns for the wild animals of the Kykkos forest!

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Growing the forest from our city

After the catastrophic fire in the Solea forest we decided to take action. Thus, in 2017, the campaign entitled "Growing the forest from our city" served a larger purpose, with the intention of restoring part of the disaster. Aiming to sensitize the public, we created a TV spot inviting all, to show their love to the forest. We then asked people to plant their own tree online, through our platform, with the promise that "for every tree you plant online, we will plant one in our forests". Wanting to emphasize on the importance of this initiative, we set up a screen in a mall, where the public could watch live the trees planted online, under the name given to them by their benefactors. In just two and a half weeks, 2,000 trees were planted, with our goal fulfilled. With the love and valuable participation of all, today the forest area of ​​Solea is 2,000 trees richer.


Kykkos Production Plant


The third production plant of our company is located in the mountains of Kykkos, where we produce Kykkos Natural Mineral Water. 



Kykkos Natural Mineral Water Awards

Kykkos Natural Mineral Water has been distinguished for three consecutive years receiving international quality and taste awards. Our persistence in ensuring the quality of our water and in offering it to our consumers in its purest form, today has given us superior distinctions from international bodies.

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