Zero Waste Beach

AKTI Research Centre and Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus continue their efforts against marine plastic pollution in Cyprus with the innovative “Zero Waste Beach” programme and the support of the Coca‑Cola Foundation.

Zero Waste Beach programme was launched in 2018, by AKTI Research Centre and Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus with the support of the Coca‑Cola Foundation, in accordance with the company’s global vision and commitment for "A World Without Waste". 

It aims to mobilise coastal businesses in the battle against marine plastic pollution as well as to raise awareness about the dangers of marine plastic pollution. In 2018 AKTI and Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus managed to cooperate with dozens of coastal businesses which adopted sustainable practices, thereby reducing plastic use and combating marine pollution and specifically, plastic marine pollution.

In 2019 their main goal remains to raise awareness as well as to establish responsible and sustainable practices as a part of the daily activities of even more coastal businesses. Moreover, this summer, Coca - Cola' s seasonal collectable glass contour bottles, will support “Zero Waste Beach” programme. 15% of the company' s net proceeds from its seasonal collectable contour bottles will go towards beach and deep-sea clean-ups.