Quality is our main priority. We've been producing and delivering soft drinks of the highest quality for over seven decades.

We can only maintain the trust of our customers and consumers if our beverages are of consistently high quality.

We have strict quality control processes at every stage of our production process.

Our bottling plants may only source ingredients and packaging from approved suppliers. Both our ingredients and our finished drinks are tested in on-site quality control laboratories. We also use laboratories of The Coca‑Cola Company for further specialised analysis.

Even in the marketplace, we conduct random testing and may remove and replace drinks from sale if they do not meet our strict quality standards – even though they are safe for consumption.

We implement the international food and safety ISO 22000 across the Group and in Cyprus. This is part of our integrated management system that includes ISO 9001 and Hazard and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Also, all of our bottling plants are subject to annual quality audits by The Coca‑Cola Company and our Group.

Quality Assurance

Every year, we conduct quality controls at the laboratories located at our plants, in addition to legislation and ISO 22000 requirements.

In order to further ensure the quality of our water, our plants apply programmes that monitor the water microbiological quality at all stages of processing - from drilling to the composition of the final product.