Coca‑Cola’s seasonal collectable bottles to support “Zero Waste Beach”

Every time someone enjoys their favourite Coca‑Cola and Coca – Cola Zero soft drinks in the seasonal collectable glass contour bottles, inspired by the history, tradition and mythology of our country, Coca‑Cola will contribute to the clean-up of 10 beaches and their seabeds, under the “Zero Waste Beach” project.



AKTI and Coca‑Cola continue their efforts against marine pollution

The “Zero Waste Beach” Programme continues with new initiatives against marine plastic pollution and a new eco-logo!

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Gold Award for “Zero Waste Beach” at Cyprus Tourism Awards 2019

The innovative project “Zero Waste Beach” received a Gold Award at this year’s Cyprus Tourism Awards.


This summer, with every sale of our Coca‑Cola and Coca‑Cola zero contour bottles, we will donate, 15% of net proceeds towards the clean-up of ten beaches and their seabeds, thereby supporting our "Zero Waste Beach" project that was launched last year.

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We’ re the leading company in the non-alcoholic beverage sector in Cyprus. We produce locally and distribute high-quality products, satisfying the needs over one million consumers, creating value for our customers, suppliers and local communities.

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The story of Lanitis Bros spans for over seven decades; our name combines the long-standing history of a drink that offers moments of happiness to consumers worldwide with that of a Cypriot company that’s invested in the country for 74 years.

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Lanitis Bros is a bottling partner of The Coca‑Cola Company and a member of the Coca‑Cola system, the most extensive beverage distribution system in the world.

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