Milk production plant in Nicosia

The fresh milk production plant of Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus operates in Nicosia since 2001 under the highest international industry standards.

The Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus dairy production plant is one of the largest in the area and produces all the range of Lanitis Milk. It's operation started in 2001, and is located next to the soft drinks production plant.

In late 2014 we upgraded the sewage plant for wastewater treatment by applying the Moving Bed™ biofilm process (MBBR ™) technology which is an important innovation for Cyprus. Constantly investing in know-how allows us to improve and expand the range our products in order to continuously offer Cypriot consumers a wider choice.

During 2018-2019, we have invested in upgrading our product line and are able to offer consumers in Cyprus an innovative HDPE bottle.

Our brand new milk bottle launched in 2019.

Contact us

66, Av. Kyriakos Matsis
PO Box 22000
Engomi, Nicosia 1515

T: 8000-2222