Delivering for our stakeholders

Our activity

We manage our operations in the best interest of our customers, suppliers and employees, aiming for operational excellence across the value chain.



Our products stand out for their quality and have gained a unique position in the market.


Supply chain

Our supply chain plays a central role in our business, ensuring that, in all our processes, we minimise our environmental impact and ensure sustainability in our value chain.



The story of Lanitis Bros spans for over seven decades; our name combines the long-standing history of a drink that offers moments of happiness to consumers worldwide with that of a Cypriot company that’s invested in the country for 76 years.


Initiatives for our country

We believe that our business can only be as healthy and strong as the communities in which we operate. Explore some of our CSR programmes here.

Our production plants

Soft drinks plant in Nicosia

The largest beverages and juices production and distribution facility in Cyprus!

Milk production plant in Nicosia

The fresh milk production plant of Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus operates in Nicosia since 2001 under the highest international industry standards.

Kykkos production plant

Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus has undertaken the bottling and the distribution of Kykkos Natural Mineral Water since 2011 when we acquired the bottling plant and the management of the brand from the Kykkos Monastery.

Together we can build a better future! Discover more through our corporate campaign.

Together for what unites us: our corporate campaign

How we work

Infographic showing Coca-Cola HBC 2020 sustainability targets

Sustainability approach and impact

Sustainability is an indispensable part of the Coca‑Cola HBC culture. Through our business model, we’re building a sustainable business, creating and sharing value for all our stakeholders.

Focus on quality

Quality is our main priority. We've been producing and delivering soft drinks of the highest quality for over seven decades.


We're firmly committed to conducting all our business activities with integrity and with respect for society and the environment.

Our stories