We’ re the leading company in the non-alcoholic beverage sector in Cyprus. We produce locally and distribute high-quality products, satisfying the needs over one million consumers, creating value for our customers, suppliers and local communities.

Founded in 1943, Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus is the leading non-alcoholic beverage bottler in Cyprus. With 88.1 million litres of product produced, we meet the needs of millions of consumers by producing and distributing a unique portfolio of quality products. At our facilities in Cyprus, we produce 20 brands and more than 250 different, top quality products in a range of packaging sizes that are much loved by Cypriot consumers.

These products include The Coca‑Cola Company brands (Coca‑Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, illy issimo and Schweppes mixers) as well as other products we have developed and produce in Cyprus such as Lanitis Juices, Lanitis Milk and Natural Water Kykkos. Our company also distributes Tsakiris snacks, Monster and Predator Energy Drinks and AVRA natural mineral water.

For 76 years now, our products have been offering refreshing, enjoyable moments to thousands of Cypriot people. Together with our dedicated people, who guarantee the quality of our products, and with our customers, suppliers and associates, including local businesses, we have joined efforts to achieve growth and development and build a better future.

We contribute to growth and employment

We have 270 employees and support 1.788 indirect jobs nationwide. We produce 80 percent of our products at our 3 facilities in Cyprus and we have a robust, committed presence in Cyprus, consistently investing in our operations. 

We create value for the Cyprus market via partnerships

We have partnerships with more than 750 producers. We have built long-term, trust-based relationships with more than 5,500 customers in Cyprus. 


We are committed to environmental protection

Water is a key ingredient of our products and a vital good for all. We have launched initiatives to safeguard it, such as the Mission Water Programme. Since 2013, 19 systems which recycle or collect greywater, rainwater or surface water were installed or restored, helping saving over 40.273 cubic metres of water annually.The implementation of the project benefited more than 83.000 people in Cyprus. 

Zero Waste Beach programme was launched in 2018, by AKTI Research Centre and Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus with the support of the Coca‑Cola Foundation, in accordance with the company’s global vision and commitment for "A World Without Waste". It aims to mobilise coastal businesses in the battle against marine plastic pollution as well as to raise awareness about the dangers of marine plastic pollution. Discover our Zero Waste Beach programme. 

We are responsive to society's needs

Our strong presence in the market follows our leading role in corporate social responsibility issues since the early years of our foundation. We strongly believe in our community and in young people and address their needs through innovative initiatives and measures that contribute towards a better future, such as Youth Empowered. 

Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus is a member of the Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Group, a leading bottler of The Coca‑Cola Company with a sales volume of more than 2 billion unit cases. It has a broad geographic footprint with operations in 28 countries, serving a population of approximately 594 million people.