Coca - Cola takes off the Cypriot summer with two new flavours !This summer, Cypriot consumers can enjoy two new flavours from Coca - Cola with the distinct choices of Coca - Cola Zero Lemon and Coca - Cola Plus Coffee, with a touch of freshness with zero sugar!

Coca - Cola Zero Lemon is based on the well-known combination that Cypriot consumers already adore; it is here to make your everyday life colourful and joyful. You can drink it on the balcony, on the street, on the beach, before or after a meal, and feel the aroma and taste of lemons that give a refreshing choice for every hour and time of the day. Coca - Cola Zero Lemon addresses the trend of the Cypriot market, offering a unique treat with zero sugar and calories.

For all caffeine lovers, Coca - Cola Zero Plus Coffee promises to give the necessary boost for a demanding daily routine. Coca - Cola's new flavour, with additional caffeine from coffee extract, is an exceptional combination which wakes up your senses, stimulates your mind and strengthens consumers’ energy while meeting the market demands in an intense coffee culture that exists in Cyprus. Either you are at work or at University or for a walk with loved ones, Coca - Cola Zero Plus Coffee offers the unique taste of coffee with no sugar.

Coca - Cola 's two new flavours are being added in the four existing choices which will make this summer cooler, tastier and more unique.