We share the values of volunteerism and solidarity, inspiring young people while being actively present in one of the most monumental initiatives of our country!

The city of Pafos, in Cyprus, this vibrant, historical city, the birthplace of Aphrodite, becomes the soul of Europe in 2017, as the European Capital of Culture. This is the first time a city from Cyprus receives this prestigious and historical title and we couldn’t be absent from such a monumental moment for our community!

Our company, together with Coca‑Cola are the proud exclusive sponsors of the Volunteers Program of Pafos2017, supporting and empowering the people behind the cause, and endorsing the selfless contribution, drive and enthusiasm of the invisible heroes, who give their heart to make the dream of the Cultural Capital a reality. 

Our sponsorship was announced to Cypriot media and key stakeholders during a very successful event held at the magnificent Leventis Gallery in Nicosia.


“Some of the richest people in this world are not millionaires but volunteers. This extraordinary project that Pafos has undertaken could not be a reality without our 300 volunteers that will materialize it”. Mr. Yiannakis, Volunteer Commissioner

Our decision to support this initiative was not random. We firmly believe in the value of collaboration and the magnificent power of teamwork and solidarity. As we prove every day, with respect, consistency, trust and a common vision, together we are stronger and able to achieve anything! This belief, along the commitment to always stand by our community, led us to join forces with Pafos2017. Together we share the same hopes, motive and passion for our country and people, as reflected through our tagline “Sharing the Passion", which signs all communication material.

“For me volunteering is a way of life. I consider it my duty to contribute to the development of the social, and natural environment in which I live. This way, the benefits stretch beyond the personal experiences, friendships and unique, unprecedented feelings, to the whole community and is a basis for a much more optimistic future.” Elena Socratous –Production Support Team
“This is an lifechanging experience! Helping for the greater good and the improvement of your city is something that requires respect for your neighbour and love and passion for what you do. We are spending unforgettable moments and the feelings of joy and pride are more than evident in the faces of all volunteers!” Panagiotis Maragkos - Events Welcome Team