One of Cyprus’ best international ambassadors!

Water; the most vital and precious commodity. Direct and uninterrupted access to excellent quality water is absolutely necessary, not just for our daily survival, but also for sustainable growth.

Fully living up to the challenges of the times and directly from the tip of the Kykkos region’s mountains, in a green-covered area in the western part of the Troodos mountains, the natural mineral water that goes by the same name has evolved into one of our country’s best ambassadors abroad over the past few years. Kykkos Natural Mineral Water is a unique Cypriot water, which is internationally recognised and distinguished for its taste and quality.

The water plant, as well as the pumping, bottling and distribution rights for Kykkos Natural Mineral Water were purchased by Lanitis Bros, member of Coca‑Cola HBC, in 2011. The Cypriot Kykkos Natural Mineral Water identifies with the beauty, authenticity, purity but also cleanliness of the Kykkos forest area, and it is not at all by chance that it has received top commendations internationally in recent years. More specifically, in 2017 it received the highest certification from the relevant state authorities as a Natural Mineral Water, while in 2018 and 2019 it received international awards. In particular, in 2018 it received the Superior Taste Award 2018 with 2 gold stars in a competition that took place in Brussels by the International Taste Quality Institute, standing out for its quality and taste. The selection process included, among other, blind tasting of products from 90 different countries, by 175 chefs and sommeliers.

In that same year, Kykkos Natural Mineral Water received the International Award in Gold at the International DLG Quality Test for Natural, Mineral, Spring and Table Waters event in Frankfurt, as well as the Gold Award at the Monde Selection Awards, which are organised by the Brussels-based international body of the same name for the evaluation of taste and quality.

Kykkos Natural Mineral Water won another important award in 2019, the Grand Gold Award at the Monde Selection Awards, based on an assessment of 20 quality-based parameters. DLG renewed the “DLG Award in Gold” for 2019, while the International Taste Institute, which now focuses on products’ taste, recognised for yet another year the superior taste of Kykkos Natural Mineral water, by awarding it the Superior Taste Award for 2019 with 2 gold stars.

Lanitis Bros is proud of Kykkos Natural Mineral Water’s distinctions, and notes that these are not random. Water Brand Manager at Lanitis Bros George Yiakoupis said: “The international awards are tangible proof of the quality, taste but also strict standards that are followed in bottling and distributing the product”. He assured that Lanitis Bros will continue to work to ensure the quality of the product and to bring water to consumers in its purest form.