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Coca‑Cola ‘No Calories and With Sweetener from Stevia Plant’ joins the Coca‑Cola family!

Coca‑Cola ‘No Calories and With Sweetener from Stevia Plant’, the newest member of the Coca‑Cola family made its global debut today in Cyprus and Greece, providing the company's consumers with yet one more sugar-free and no-calories beverage!


Pafos 2017: A volunteering movement that united a whole country

Can a tiny city of a small country become the European Capital of Culture and carry out one of the most prominent programs? The coordinator of the Volunteers’ Program explains how 300 volunteers have made the impossible possible!


Giving hope to the burnt forest of Solea and the next generations of our country.

A volunteering tree planting initiative that we will never forget!


We are the proud sponsors of the Volunteers’ Programme of “Pafos 2017- European Capital of Culture”

We share the values of volunteerism and solidarity, inspiring young people while being actively present in one of the most monumental initiatives of our country!


Coca‑Cola HBC announces ambitious new sustainability targets

We’re committing to new sustainability targets for 2020 to reinforce the sustainable growth of our business and inspire a better future.


Coca‑Cola HBC is leading in sustainability

Coca‑Cola HBC is leading the global beverage industry in sustainability for the third consecutive year according to Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI).


Taste the Feeling

It’s Coca‑Cola’s first new marketing campaign in seven years and underpinned by a strategic shift in how we talk about the Coca‑Cola brand.