Soft drinks plant in Nicosia

The largest beverages production and distribution facility in Cyprus!

Our Soft drinks plant operates since 1952 in Nicosia, when our founder N. K. Lanitis decided to move the company's headquarters in the capital.

At this plant we produce Coca‑Cola, Coca‑Cola Zero and Coca‑Cola Light in glass and PET bottles, Sprite, Fanta and the mixers Schweppes, while the plant also serves as the distribution hub for 67 percent of our total sales volume. 

The plant operates 3 production lines with a dynamic reaching reaches 32,500,000 liters of soft drinks.

With a view to evolve our business and always offer the best to our consumers, we have invested over the past decade over €22,000,000 to upgrade the infrastructure of our factory.


Through the years, the plant has been one of the major purchasers of raw materials, packaging materials and other materials from local suppliers, constantly ascertaining its presence and playing an essential role in the development of the local economy and society.

  • €42.8m annual spend to local suppliers and producers
  • €22m total investment within the last decade

The new warehouse & distribution spaces as well as the offices in Engomi facilities, covering 5,800 square meters and worth € 7,2 million were completed in 2012, according to the strictest standards of Coca‑Cola HBC Group. An investment that enables the efficient management of inventories of our products and helps usensure the best service for our customers.

Contact us

66, Av. Kyriakos Matsis
PO Box 22000
Engomi, Nicosia 1515

T: 8000-2222