Together for what unites us: our corporate campaign

Together, we can achieve a better future.

For 76 years now, our products have been offering refreshing, enjoyable moments to thousands of people in Cyprus. This wouldn’t have been possible without our own dedicated people, who guarantee the quality of our products, or without our customers, suppliers and associates, including the local businesses with whom we have joined efforts to achieve growth and development.

Our 'Together for what unites us' corporate campaign focused on all those elements that 'unite us'.

The campaign highlighted the four main pillars of our activity and was communicated through visuals, video and stories, showcasing our people and underlying our key messages.

We contribute to growth and employment

We have 270 employees and create 1.788 indirect jobs nationwide. We produce 80 percent of our products at our 3 facilities in Cyprus and we have a robust, committed presence in Cyprus, consistently investing in our operations. 

We create value for the Cyprus market 

We have partnerships with more than 750 producers and suppliers.. We have built long-term, trust-based relationships with more than 5000 customers in Cyprus. 

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We are committed to environmental protection

Water is a key ingredient of our products and a vital good for all. We have launched initiatives to safeguard it, such as the Mission Water programme. 

We are responsive to society's needs

Our strong presence in the market follows our leading role in corporate social responsibility issues since the early years of our foundation. We strongly believe in our community and in young people and address their needs through innovative initiatives and measures that contribute towards a better future. 

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