The programme continues in September with even more actions

A total of four seabed clean-ups and 17 coastal clean-ups were carried out between May-July 2019, in the framework of the ground-breaking “Zero Waste Beach” project, which aims to effectively tackle marine plastic pollution. As it is well-known, the pioneering project is implemented by the AKTI Project & Research Centre and Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus, with the support of the Coca‑Cola Foundation. Coca‑Cola’s support for the programme is part of the company’s vision for “A World Without Waste”. Specifically, Coca‑Cola is donating 15% of its net proceeds from the sale of the collectible glass bottle to the clean-up of 10 beaches and their seabed, thereby supporting the “Zero Waste Beach” project.

The “Zero Waste Beach” project focuses on five main pillars:

  • Reducing waste that ends up in the coastal and marine areas
  • Promoting the adoption of innovative and sustainable practices by coastal business, local authorities and the public,
  • Establishing annual clean-up campaigns with the participation of coastal businesses, schools and volunteers, also including Lanitis Bros staff members.
  • Locating and recording recyclable waste produced by coastal businesses,
  • Raising awareness about the problem of marine pollution

So far this year, 420 volunteers - both children and adults - have participated in the coastal clean-ups, while 18,000 pieces of trash, weighing a total 650kg were collected. Specifically, 60% of the collected trash were cigarette butts, 42% were plastic, 7% were paper, 3% were metal, 3% were mixed, while 1% were sanitary and medical waste and 1% were glass. The recording and separating of the waste at the source was carried out according to the International Protocol of the Ocean Conservancy organisation. All the data was entered in the Ocean Conservancy database, so as to complete a database that will serve to compare data and facilitate future research. The coastal and seabed clean-up campaign will continue in September. This year, the efforts of AKTI and Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus are focused on developing the Responsible Coastal Businesses Network with 200 businesses, adding to the 130 that were introduced to the programme, during the first year of the project.