Young individuals aged 18-30 claim job opportunities in the innovative programme by Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus and Coca‑Cola.

Today, Tuesday, 5 June 2018, the biggest educational programme of the year opened its doors to welcome more than 250 young individuals to the Tracasol Cultural Centre in Limassol. “Youth Empowered”, which is held for the second time in Cyprus by Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus and Coca‑Cola, gives unemployed youths, between 18-30 years old, the opportunity to improve their personal and professional skills as well as network with stakeholders of the local market. 

The three-day programme is divided into three thematic groups: Personal Skills, Professional Skills and Entrepreneurship. It focuses on a wide range of themes, such as the new trends in the labour market and the role of social media, the professions of the future, what employers look for in employees, how to properly prepare for an interview, developing communication skills, basic marketing principles, advice for start-ups etc.

Fifteen companies and organisations from different sectors of the economy, voluntarily joined forces, creating a dynamic and efficient network that spreads knowledge and contacts, aiming to offer young individuals three days (5-7 June) of guidance, networking as well as actual job opportunities.

In the framework of “Youth Empowered”, a database will be created that will contain the information of the participants. Its purpose is to allow companies that participated in the programme to make use of this information and fill vacancies or provide placement/internship opportunities. Meanwhile, participants are able to claim a scholarship from the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM), an internship at EY, Delema McCann Cyprus and Project & Research Centre AKTI, as well as participate in seminars hosted by Youth Board of Cyprus and Cyprus Marketing Youth Society (CyMYS).

In a statement, Public Affairs & Communications Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus, Kalia Patsia said that the company’s philosophy has always focused on educating, training and helping young individuals grow. “We are especially proud that through Youth Empowered we are able to provide youths, who haven’t yet entered the job market, with skills, knowledge and a professional network so they can successfully claim the future career of their dreams”. Ms Patsia added that “with the help of staff members of Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus and Coca‑Cola as well as the wider market, we aim to boost the employment of young individuals, aspiring to provide 3,000 young people with the essential qualifications so that they can make their lives better by 2020”.

The innovative digital e-learning platform, “Youth Empowered”, was presented in the framework of the programme, for the first time ever in Cyprus. The platform aims to help young individuals in their effort to enter the job market. Through this interactive platform, young individuals can acquire personal and professional skills through e-learning, with the help of experienced professionals, who are volunteering as mentors. Participants can also take part in a contemporary self-assessment test in order to discover their advantages as well as the aspects that they need to improve. Access to the platform is free of charge and does not require any degree or qualification.

“Youth Empowered” is organised under the auspices of the Minister of Labour, the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and the Youth Board of Cyprus. Participation is free of charge.