Lanitis Active with more fruits and more vitamins invites you to discover your own, dynamic self through its brand new tv commercial

"More Fruits, More Vitamins, More You"! The new campaign of the Lanitis Active juice gives consumers a boost and challenges them to discover their own dynamic self, through the juice that creates new trends and redefines pleasure.

Through its unique recipe, consisting of 10 different fruits, Lanitis Active juice offers consumers 10 different vitamins with an authentic and distinct taste, and encourages them to expand their limits and live in a dynamic environment - in and out of the house, in the office, the gym, the park, alone, with family or with friends and beloved ones.

Lanitis Active juice is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a special flavour combined with multiple benefits. As the summer is quickly approaching, Lanitis Juice is the ultimate suggestion for energy, pleasure and well-being.

Lanitis Active juice is available in two packages (1L and 330ml) and combines the delicious tastes of apple, pineapple, orange, mango, mandarin, passion fruit, carrot, guava, banana, lemon and kiwi in a modern and practical packaging, for on-the-go activities and with a handy top that ensures stability and safety.

"With 10 fruits and 10 vitamins, Lanitis Active juice is an innovative product in the juice market, since it recommends Cypriot consumers to have an active lifestyle which will accompany them in their daily lives. We are all proud as Lanitis Active juice incorporates all the values ​​of the 76-year history of Lanitis Bros., combining them with a modern lifestyle", said Andreas Christofi, Senior Brand Manager of Lanitis Juice portfolio.