Our customers are central to the way we do business.

Customer preference is a core value of our business. For us, it means building true partnerships that create sustainable value and profitable growth for both our business and our customers, across all key channels.

Our customers include hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, wholesalers, kiosks, petrol stations, cinemas, leisure parks, hotels, restaurants and cafés, among others.

By finding new ways to win together in the marketplace, we aim to be the preferred supplier to all of our customers. To achieve this, we’ve adopted a comprehensive set of initiatives designed to build collaborative customer relationships and ensure excellent execution.

Excellence in marketplace execution

Our blueprint for ensuring ongoing consumer relevance and excellence in the marketplace focuses on five core principles: Availability, Affordability, Acceptability, Activation and Attitude

Portfolio and channel segmentation

We’ve established clear category and brand priorities, offering consumers the right product, in the right pack, at the right price to suit the occasion: we call this our OBPPC (Occasion, Brand, Package, Price and Channel) strategy.


Well-executed OBPPC strategies mean that we have an offering to suit every shopper’s need. This, in turn, helps us to capture people’s disposable income faster than our competitors. Being innovative around the occasions when people enjoy our brands allows us to tap into less price-oriented shopping trips, so growing our revenue ahead of volume.

Marketing and merchandising

We develop strong customer relationships by focusing on excellent execution of marketing promotions and merchandising at the point of sale.


We make sure we execute our marketing promotions and point-of-sale merchandising to the highest standards by carrying out regular customer satisfaction surveys and by developing innovative materials for retail sales activation, including new racks, point-of-sale visuals and sales aids for our customers.

To better understand unique shoppers and purchase occasions in different trade channels, we conduct market analyses. We then use this information to develop al our soft drinks categories at every point of sale.

We have developed programs for training our wholesale customers in terms of good warehouse practises and appropriate storage conditions. 

Finally, we also work closely with The Coca‑Cola Company to develop annual sales, promotions and marketing plans for each of our established, developing and emerging countries.

Customer satisfaction

At Coca‑Cola HBC Cyprus, we make sure that we’re easy to do business with. We are recognized as a strong partner that consistently exceeds expectations.

We measure our ability to meet and exceed customer needs by tracking customer opinions through various surveys.