Pafos 2017: Volunteer Programme Sponsorship

We are very proud for the declaration of Pafos as the European Capital of Culture for 2017 and we support it with joy and excitement, being the official sponsors of the Pafos 2017 Volunteer Program together with Coca‑Cola.

The city of Pafos, in Cyprus, this vibrant, historical city, the birthplace of Aphrodite, becomes the soul of Europe in 2017, as the European Capital of Culture. This is the first time a city from Cyprus receives this prestigious and historical title and we couldn’t be absent from such a monumental moment for our community! We are the proud exclusive sponsor of the Volunteers Program of Pafos2017, supporting and empowering the people behind the cause. 

Under the slogan “We share the passion”, we support and highlight the valuable work of the volunteers, endorsing the selfless contribution, drive and enthusiasm of the invisible heroes, who give their heart to make the dream of the Cultural Capital a reality! Together we share the same hopes, motive and passion for our country and people.


Our decision to support this initiative was not random. We firmly believe in the value of collaboration and the magnificent power of teamwork and solidarity. As we prove every day, with respect, consistency, trust and a common vision, together we are stronger and able to achieve anything! This belief, along the commitment to always stand by our community, led us to join forces with Pafos2017.

I’m so excited and proud to work in a company that is part of such a great initiative and to sign my emails as a proud supporter of volunteerism, spreading our values and cause! Kyriaki Savva, Brand Manager Juices and Pafos17 Project Leader

This year will be a great one for Pafos and Cyprus, and we will be an active part of it! Our integrated marketing & communication plan for the support of the Programme includes multiple initiatives for the promotion of the volunteers' work and the enhancement of their skills and know-how, localised market activation, mentoring initiatives and trainings from our people, PR events to appreciate the contribution of our stakeholders and many surprises for our community and Pafos visitors that will be revealed throughout the year.

Watch below a video on the Social Media Seminar we organised for the volunteers, sharing our knowledge and expertise!


Our support to Pafos does not end in 2017. Beyond the sponsorship, we plan to leave behind a legacy to the community of Pafos, by financing the restoration of two iconic city buildings the Shelley residence and the Old Ice Factory - SODAP, which will serve both as key exhibition venues for the Pafos 2017 program, as well as, as important cultural sites in the city after the end of the year.