Coca‑Cola Cup

The Coca‑Cola Cup was instituted in 1962 and now constitutes an inextricable part of the football history of Cyprus. This special relationship between Cyprus football and the prevailing football refreshment drink is perhaps the longest-lived in the field, not only in Cyprus but also in Europe.

CocaCola Cup is the country's most significant sporting institution. It begins every year in September and ends in May with the participation of all the teams and leagues. Every final is a special celebration and receiving the Cup brings great glory to the winner.

Through its historical overview, CocaCola has linked its name with Cyprus football and supported it in every possible way. This is a relationship that reflects the joy, the cheers, the ecstasy, the intense emotions and tension experienced by thousands of fans who made and are still making their way through the stadiums of Cyprus every day.

This year we proudly celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Cup, always promoting the positive side of football, through messages that speak of true sportsmanship and healthy competition. An institution and a product that embrace all teams, no matter how "small" or "big", allowing all fans to dream of victory and giving them the opportunity to support their favourite teams through their proper conduct at the stadiums. 

Through its historical overview, CocaCola has linked its name with Cyprus football and supported it in every possible way. A relationship was built which reflects the intense emotions experienced and the celebrations taking place in Cyprus stadiums every day. The historical overview of the past 55 years brings back unforgettable and unique moments of football “excellence” and passion, having as their common denominator the red colour. The only colour in every stadium that everyone feels as “their own.” 

CocaCola internationally constitutes the prevailing football refreshment, having a rich heritage connected to great moments in football in every corner of the world. At an international level, CocaCola became a sponsor of the World Cup in 197, of the European Championship (EURO) in 1988, and of various other local football championships throughout the world.

  • 56 years
  • 3,400 matches

Having built a strong tradition in supporting football, CocaCola also supports the efforts by a significant number of National Football Associations aiming to develop the sport in many countries around the globe, as well as numerous national teams and top clubs in the World Rankings.