Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is central to our sustainability culture and mindset.

We are working to reduce the environmental impacts of our packaging at every stage of its lifecycle. Our integrated approach includes: 

  • Reducing the amount of packaging we use
  • Increasing recycled content
  • Promoting recycling and recovery

In addition to minimising waste from our packaging, we are also reducing production waste from our bottling plants. We also promote and encourage recycling at all our plants, offices and events.

Reducing packaging

Minimising the amount of packaging we use is one of the most significant ways that we can reduce its environmental impact. In addition to using less material, this helps to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging throughout its lifecycle: from manufacture to transportation to disposal or recycling.  

One great example is the Ultra-Glass bottle, which consists of a third less glass. 

Raw materials and solid wastes

We use raw materials more efficiently

Following our 3Rs principle, Reduce, Recover & Re-Use, we aim for the most efficient use of limited natural resources, while at the same time trying to reduce the solid waste produced as a by-product of all industrial processes. For the beverages industry, solid waste constitutes mainly of:

  • Production processes waste (from packaging or ingredients)
  • After-consumption packaging waste (used packaging)

In order to minimise the impact of production and processes and to use raw materials more efficiently, we collaborate closely with our suppliers. The related environmental benefits, such as the use of lighter weight packaging, are multifaceted, since we manage to reduce the use of energy for both manufacturing and distributing raw materials.

We recycle the solid waste we produce

Our aim is to decrease the solid waste we produce and at the same time to recycle as much of it as feasible. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with licensed recycling organisations and governmental institutions.

We recycle office materials

Despite the fact that the use of office materials (paper, toners, domestic batteries) has an insignificant impact according to our Impact Assessment, it constitutes an operational issue which we have chosen to manage. For this reason, we have recycling programmes for office paper, toners and domestic batteries in our units and offices.

We handle special materials responsibly

We pay special attention to the responsible collection of the waste we produce, particularly for materials which contain components defined as hazardous by legislation (including oil, lamps, electrical and electronic equipment).