Responsible sourcing

Our focus on sustainable and responsible sourcing is all about delivering excellent results.

Sustainable and responsible sourcing is a priority for our business. For us, it’s about delivering excellent results. For this reason we work closely with our suppliers to minimise the impact of production and processing, for example by using lighter weight packaging. Our Group has received the maximum industry score against the raw material sourcing indicator of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index assessment for two consecutive years.

We assess the environmental performance of our suppliers

We collaborate with more than 700 Cypriot suppliers and together try to support the social responsibility principles of our value chain.

Our units assess the environmental practices of the suppliers (based on a questionnaire), collect the necessary certificates and licenses (as defined by our Guiding Principles), include the relevant terms in contracts and conduct inspections to verify the implementation of ethical operations. In the case of suppliers ignoring any environmental measure, our units retain the right to terminate the partnership. To select our suppliers, we have developed rigorous pre-assessment criteria. We use a robust audit process, risk assessment and SEDEX, the supplier ethical data exchange; take part in Ecovadis, the supplier sustainability ratings provider, and check whether potential suppliers hold ISO 9001, 14001, FSSC 22000 and OHSAS 18001 certification. In addition, for agricultural commodities, we refer to standards from the Rain Forest Alliance, Fair Trade, Bon Sucro, SAI Platform and the Forest Stewardship Council.

At the same time, we do business only with suppliers that have:

  • Signed an appropriate contract - after a competitive tender - in order to protect the integrity of the relationship
  • Been successfully evaluated by a social audit in the last three years (by three independent certification bodies) if the level of our partnership exceeds €60,000 annually
  • Committed to our quality and safety standards and have signed the Guiding Principles of the Group
We do our best to contribute to our Group's commitment to reduce supply chain impacts by 2020 Rodanthi Hadjipieri, CY WH Manager

Our sustainable supply value creation initiatives with our supply partners are critical in supporting our long-term goals. From sourcing raw materials and manufacturing the end product to distributing it to our customers, we take responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and enhance sustainability in our value chain.

  • 100% of our suppliers have signed our Guiding Principles