We believe that our business can only be as healthy and strong as the communities in which we operate. In the long run, healthy, sustainable businesses require thriving communities.

We aim to operate in a responsible way by engaging with stakeholders and local communities to address social issues and support their sustainable development.

Over the years, our community giving has evolved from philanthropic contributions to long-term programmes to create shared value and measurable, positive impact. As a member of Coca‑Cola HBC, which is distinguished for its sustainable development policies and a holder of a leading position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, we set high standards with regards to the practices and programmes implemented at local level, immediately responding to the evolving needs of Cyprus society. To ensure the success of our long-term, strategic efforts, we provide substantial funding, work through partnerships, encourage, and support employee volunteering.

To maximise our impact, we work to apply a consistent, focused approach in areas which are strategic to our business and important to our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. Our primary focus areas are youth development, local communities, social relief and emergency relief. 

Youth Empowered 2018, Limassol

Youth development

We're particularly interested in investing in young people, as we strongly believe in their prospects and their ability to shape a much better tomorrow. We support activities and programmes aiming to enhance their skills and capabilities, as well as to create an inspiring and suitable environment that will help them grow and evolve.

Among the initiatives we support is our Youth Empowered Programme.

Pafos 2017: Volunteer Programme Sponsorship

Local communities

Our belief is that our company’s growth and viability should be aligned with social growth and prosperity. This commitment, which originates from a sense of responsibility and not simply from a sense of obligation, is supported by the company’s values, which are endorsed by our people, and is put in practice, by programmes of social contribution and by partial return of income (originating from our business activities) to our local communities. 

Our volunteers participating in the annual Christodoulas March, a major charitable tradition and an important source of revenue for The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

Social relief

We are determined to stand by the side of every group in need, at every possible opportunity. In this context, we respond to requests for product donations, we have enthusiastic volunteers among our employees and we closely cooperate with philanthropic associations and NGOs.Such organizations, NGOs and groups are: Global Water Partnership Mediterranean  Akti Project and Research Centre  The Cyprus Anti - Cancer Society  Cyprus Red Cross Society The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends  Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family   and many more groups, organizations, municipalities, schools who need our support.

Voluntary tree planting after the Solea catastrophic fire, 2016

Emergency relief

By using our facilities, logistics and delivery systems, we provide emergency relief in the event of physical disasters - for example, by opening plants to supply water in case of fire or via relief packages for victims of earthquakes or of the ongoing refugee crisis. Recent example, our contribution during the fire in Solea in the summer of 2016. Our company was from the very first moment on the side of firefighters and volunteers who were doing superhuman efforts to control the fires. In consultation with the relevant authorities and voluntary organizations such as the Red Cross and NGO REACTION, we offered water, soft drinks and juices as well as a refrigerator to keep the products. In addition, along with Coca‑Cola, we donated $50,000 to the families of the firefighters who died or were seriously injured during the fire.