What to expect

The Graduate Trainee Program runs every September for a period of 24 months.


At the beginning of the Program, the company welcomes you. Over a period of three months, you will have the opportunity to visit our production plants, acquire sales experience in the market, meet our partners and feel part of a large and strong team.


At this stage, it’s the time to shift from theory to action! In the context of the Program, you will undertake three projects, each with a different objective, in the function of your interest. During each project, you will have the guidance and support of your project leader (mentor), while a colleague from the company (buddy) will be by your side whenever you require support.


Four employees discuss a presentation

On the completion of each project you will have your evaluation. The first challenge you will face will be presenting your project to a team of senior professionals, who will evaluate you both in terms of content and presentation skills. Upon the completion of this stage, there will be a full evaluation of your total performance, which defines your next steps.


In the second year of the Program, you will take up a specific position, based on your personal development plan. At this stage you will also get mentoring and support from the members of the team in your function.