How to apply

If you've recently completed your Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies and want to kick off a dynamic career, here's an opportunity to join a company which inspires with its products in Greece and Cyprus!

Please note: The application period for the current year has closed.

Step 1: Apply

Send us your expression of interest (closing date: 15 July 2016) via email at Include your CV and up to 150 words or a 2’ video, so that we can get to know you and so that you can share your professional aspirations from the Program with us.

Don’t forget: we want you to be yourself!

It's important to mention in your email which business function you'd prefer to work (eg Commercial, Supply Chain/Logistics).

Three members of the management trainee scheme look at a laptop

Step 2: Screening

After we receive your CV, the first screening will take place, based on the criteria below: 

  • University degree in Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical Engineering or relevant fields
  • A Master’s degree will be considered an asset
  • Excellent command of the Greek and English languages
  • Excellent PC skills (Windows, MS Office)
  • No prior professional experience required (if a candidate has previous experience, it should not exceed two years)
  • Fulfilled military obligations (for male participants)
  • Ability to work in Greece and Cyprus

Step 3: Online questionnaire

If you fulfill the aforementioned criteria, we will send you an online competencies questionnaire. These tests provide us with an indication of your personality and the way you think. 

Step 4: Interview

We invite you to your first interview! This is an opportunity to meet people from our Human Resources function. It’s the time to talk about yourself, share your goals, interests and dreams and stand out.

Step 5: Assessment Centre

You are now one step closer to success. It's time to take part in an all-day Assessment Centre, an intense experience which provides you with the opportunity to compete, collaborate and create under real job circumstances.

Regardless of the outcome, the Assessment Centre is a valuable experience which will help you in your career.


You've succeeded! Congratulations and welcome to the family of Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon and Lanitis.

It's just the beginning: you are now a member of a powerful team!