Still drinks

We produce and distribute an increasingly wide variety of still drinks, from juices to energy drinks, sports drinks and ready-to-drink coffee.

With our sparkling and soft drinks portfolio we offer a unique combination in the bottling landscape. This supports consumer choice and makes us a strong partner for our customers. Our range of still drinks includes juices and fruit-based drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and ready-to-drink coffee.

  • 6 different brands
  • 80 products in our still drinks portfolio

Juice and juice drinks

We offer a range of fruit and fruit-based drinks in a variety of flavours and convenient packages, providing people with multiple options to match their individual preferences. Fruit juices and fruit drinks provide vitamins and nutrition as well as the liquid needed to remain hydrated and sustain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

Our portfolio of fruit drinks - which come mainly from juice concentrate - includes Lanitis Juices, Lanitis Fun and Fanta juice drinks.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks remain a highly dynamic segment. They provide an energy boost for those heading out for the evening, in the middle of a busy day or simply when people are feeling tired.

Monster was launched in Cyprus in 2011. With its wide variety of flavours and association with athletes, musicians and fans, Monster is way more than just an energy drink.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks help to support performance in sports and other physical activities. They are specially designed to ensure proper hydration and to provide carbohydrates and mineral salts to replace those lost during sport or other intense physical activity.

Powerade is the isotonic sports drink of our portfolio, quenching thirst and replenishing minerals and carbohydrates for the athletes at the biggest sports events worldwide.


Coffee is an essential part of our everyday drinking habits and accompanies many people during their most tired, relaxing or thirsty moments.

To address all these different requirements, we've included illy issimo products in our portfolio. These ready-to-drink premium coffee drinks are prepared with illy's unique 100 percent Arabica coffee blend.