Sparkling drinks

We are a leader in the sparkling drinks category, which is the foundation of our business.

Our portfolio of sparkling soft drinks includes The Coca‑Cola Company brands: Coca‑Cola Original Taste, Zero and Light, Coca‑Cola with zero calories and sweetener for the plant stevia, Fanta, Fanta Light, Sprite, Sprite Zero and Schweppes mixers.


  • 4 brands
  • 104 different packages

Taste the Feeling is CocaColas latest campaign, the first new marketing campaign in seven years and underpinned by a strategic shift in how we talk about the CocaCola brand.

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Our sparkling soft drinks come in many different flavours; all are made with natural flavourings.

The 'sparkle' in soft drinks comes from a carbonation method that duplicates the natural processes that produce the same 'bubbly' effect in some mineral and spring waters. 

Low-calorie options

We offer consumers a broad choice between sugared, 'low sugar' and 'sugar-free' sparkling soft drinks, in a wide range of packaging, that's designed to match today's diverse lifestyles.

  • 37% of our sparkling soft drinks portfolio comprises low and no calorie options
  • 63% of our sparkling soft drinks portfolio comprises regular options

Our consumers enjoy our sparkling soft drinks brands as they look for interesting, flavourful drinks, which will keep them refreshed and hydrated, helping them to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.