Dairy Products

Our diverse and extensive portfolio includes dairy products which we produce or distribute, complementing our core brands and allowing us to reach more consumers. We continuously renew our products, reflecting on the most reliable and modern ways to meet the increasing needs and demands of the Cypriot market and family.

Lanitis Fresh Milk

Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus entered the fresh milk market in 2001 by introducing for the first time in Cyprus fresh milk in a PET bottle. In 2008, the first aseptic line was introduced on the island, compliant with the strictest European standards. 

In 2019 we launched our brand new, practical pack which is warmly welcomed by consumers.  

Our new milk bottle launched in 2019.

Lanitis Kiddo

Lanitis Kiddo launched in Cyprus in 2013 and it now comes in six fantastic flavours: chocolate, chocolate BIO, strawberry, banana, vanilla and cocoa-­free (without added sugar). It was distinguished in 2015 as one of the best consumer products at In Business Grocery Retail Awards 2015.

Lanitis Yogurt

A new member to our dairy family arrived in 2019. We are proud to present to consumers in Cyprus our brand new, wide variety of Lanitis Yogurt Lanitis. Three new products and a range of 11 labels in total will become the perfect mini meal during the day: as breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Lanitis Yogurt