Dairy Products

Our diverse and extensive portfolio includes dairy products which we produce or distribute, complementing our core brands and allowing us to reach more consumers.

Lanitis Bros entered the fresh milk market in 2001 by introducing for the first time in Cyprus fresh milk in a PET bottle. Innovation continues! In 2008, the first aseptic line was introduced on the island, compliant with the strictest European standards. Today, after 16 years, we are leading the market with a share of over 35%. 

The rich portfolio of our dairy products includes the wide range of Lanitis Fresh Milk products and the chocolate milk range for children "Kiddo", which we have developed and produce daily at our plant in Nicosia.

We also distribute in the Cypriot market the dairy products of FAGE and PITTAS.

  • 7 Brands
  • 35+ different products and packages

Lanitis Fresh Milk Range

We offer a range of fruit and fruit-based drinks in a variety of flavours and convenient packages, providing people with multiple options to match their individual preferences. Fruit juices and fruit drinks provide vitamins and nutrition as well as the liquid needed to remain hydrated and sustain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

Our fresh milk range is of 100% Cypriot milk that takes care of you and your family, providing proper nutrition and enhancing your system. Our range includes:

  • Lanitis Fresh Milk with 3% fat, 1lt, 1,5 lt, 2lt (59 Kcal / 100ml)
  • Lanitis Light Fresh Milk with 1.5% fat, 1lt, 1,5 lt, 2lt (45 Kcal / 100ml)
  • Lanitis Skimmed Fresh Milk to 0.1% fat, 1lt (33Kcal / 100ml)
  • Lact Light low-lactose, 1% fat, 1lt. (41 Kcal / 100ml). Contains 80% less lactose for better digestion and is rich in vitamins, minerals and elements that everyone can enjoy with comfort and pleasure.
  • Calcium Plus with 40% more calcium, 1% fat, 1lt, 1,5 lt. (41 Kcal / 100ml). It is enriched with magnesium and vitamin D for better absorption of calcium. Ideal for children aged 9 and older, those involved in sports, both professional and any physical activity, as well as for women and men of all ages who want to have a healthy and strong body.

Lanitis Kiddo

Chocolate milk LANITIS kiddo, the favorite chocolate drink of children and adults, has a wonderful, light chocolate flavor and provides pleasure and energy during the day, on the walk, at school and on every excursion.

It is available in 3 different flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.

Lanitis kiddo was distinguished in 2015 as one of the best consumer products at In Business Grocery Retail Awards 2015.

Our company has been distributing FAGE's dairy products to the Cypriot market since 1996, offering to the Cypriot consumers popular dairy products including TOTAL, Velvet, SILOUET, Junior and Junior drinks.

Our dairy products' portfolio is completed with the distribution of Pittas dairy products which include traditional Cypriot dairy products such as Halloumi®, Fetta, Kefalotyri Cheese, Yogurtyogurt, Butter, Sour Cream and others.