Tsakiris, the first Greek potato snacks brand, are produced in Atalanti and are distinguished for their high quality, excellent ingredients and the unsurpassed crisp taste made of 100 percent natural potatoes.

Two packets of Tsakiris classic crisps

Tsakiris Classic Flavours: Salt – Oregano

In 1954 George Tsakiris created the first crisps in Greece. Since then, Tsakiris crisps are among the most loved flavours for Greek consumers, standing out through their unique delicious flavour, freshness and top quality.

Tsakiris Classics Salt & Oregano is the all-time favourite flavour since 1954.

Tsakiris Trypato

An original and innovative idea. Tsakiris Trypato is a product that has been made taking into account the viewpoint of consumers who asked for something different in shape, gratifying, with intense flavor to match their intense lifestyle and to fill them with energy and delight. The pioneering crispy potato snack with a unique prickly shape and extra crisp texture comes in three explosive flavors: Salt, Smokey BBQ and Spicy Pizza.

The crisps have a very thick slice and a one-of-a-kind perforated shape, while being extra crunchy and very rich in flavour!


Tsakiris - Greek Flavours

A "product of the year" with a taste of Greece! Inspired by Greece and its places Tsakiris chips created the line “Greek flavours" which includes favourite tastes and flavours from all around Greece:Sea Salt from Mitilini, Graviera Cheese from Crete and Greek vinegar. Three one-of-a-kind, amazing flavors with a unique character that travel you to beloved destinations!

This unique range of products has been recognised at both the International Superior Taste Awards (2012) and the Product of the Year Awards (2013).

Three packets of Tsakiris Waves crisps

Tsakiris Waves

Tsakiris Waves are the portfolio’s crispiest potato snacks. Made from carefully selected 100 percent natural potatoes and pure ingredients, Tsakiris Waves are available in three different flavours: salt, oregano and sweet barbeque.