Schweppes has been a symbol of authenticity since 1783. It is unique; the ideal drink for those who know what they want and know how to get it; for those who feel authentic, who are looking for new experiences and who always see the positive side of life. Schweppes is for those who know how to enjoy freshness every day.

Bitter Lemon

Schweppes Bitter Lemon: a soft drink that offers unexpected freshness. Perfectly balancing the fresh fruity notes of lemon and a bitter aftertaste, it thoroughly refreshes the senses.

Ginger Ale

Schweppes Ginger Ale originates from America. A refreshing beverage with strong character, it has been a key product of the Schweppes family since 1870 and has since succeeded in establishing itself as the "champagne of soft drinks".

Soda Water

Schweppes Soda Water... as simple as a soft drink, yet 230 years ago a man by the name of Jacob Schweppe devoted his life to creating his own innovative method of adding carbonate to water after carefully observing nature’s capacity to produce carbonated natural mineral waters.

Indian Tonic

Tonic water has a long history as it used to accompany British gin drinkers in India from the era of colonisation. Schweppes Indian Tonic has the same historic taste! Created in 1870 and from then on, its incomparable taste with the light bitter after taste, has made it the coolest drink, on its own or as a part of a cocktail.