Nestea is a simple blend of iced tea and delicious fruit flavour that results in a great taste that is truly refreshing.

Packshot of three Nestea tea bottles

It started with a refreshing idea. Take the classic iced tea and bottle it up. The result? A great ready-to-drink refreshment.  

Nestea has 30 percent fewer calories* thanks to the sweetening properties of the sweetener extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant. The crisp clean taste of iced tea is a simple pleasure everyone can enjoy.

Nestea with sweetener from the stevia plant is available in the familiar flavours of Lemon, Peach and Green Ice tea Orange-Lemon. A glass of 250ml Nestea contains approximately 50 calories and doesn’t contain colours or preservatives.

* In comparison with most iced tea drinks with sugar in Greece

Promotion for Nestea Free

Nestea Free

Nestea Free is an enjoyable and refreshing combination of green tea extract and fruits, with no sugar and no calories!

It is a full-flavour experience, giving 100 percent pleasure without calories! It is the ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy every moment freely.

Available in three different flavours: Nestea Free Lemon, Nestea Free Passionfruit and Nestea FreeWhite Peach, it offers pleasure every day.