With a history of 18 years, LANITIS Fresh Milk has become a synonym for high quality and caters for the needs of Cypriot consumers, offering the significant nutrients needed to start their day properly

Since 2001, our company has been producing the LANITIS milk from 100% Cypriot milk and, through its historic presence of more than 16 years, our milk has currently become tantamount to outstanding quality and the brand that Cypriot consumers trust and prefer.

"When freshness and purity can be seen and tasted, then it can be trusted". This is the big truth on which LANITIS has based its brand new transparent packaging and the corresponding campaign which highlights that "You can see how good it is".

Lanitis Fresh Milk Range

Our fresh milk range is of 100% Cypriot milk that takes care of you and your family, providing proper nutrition and enhancing your system. Our range includes:

  • Lanitis Fresh Milk with 3% fat, 1lt, 1,5 lt, 2lt (59 Kcal / 100ml)
  • Lanitis Light Fresh Milk with 1.5% fat, 1lt, 1,5 lt, 2lt (45 Kcal / 100ml)
  • Lanitis Skimmed Fresh Milk to 0.1% fat, 1lt (33Kcal / 100ml)
  • Lact Light low-lactose, 1% fat, 1lt. (41 Kcal / 100ml). Contains 80% less lactose for better digestion and is rich in vitamins, minerals and elements that everyone can enjoy with comfort and pleasure.
  • Calcium Plus with 40% more calcium, 1% fat, 1lt, 1,5 lt. (41 Kcal / 100ml). It is enriched with magnesium and vitamin D for better absorption of calcium. Ideal for children aged 9 and older, those involved in sports, both professional and any physical activity, as well as for women and men of all ages who want to have a healthy and strong body.

Lanitis Family Loyalty Program

While enjoying our milk and dairy products the Lanitis Family Loyalty Program allows you to collect points with each purchase and redeem them as vouchers in a large chain of technology, entertainment and culture stores, subject to value-added purchases.