Natural Mineral Water KYKKOS originates from the mountaintops of the Kykkos Region and invites people to come closer to nature and discover a greener world in every aspect of their life!

The forest of Kykkos is full of images and inspiration that could transform the way we see the world. KYKKOS Water, faithful to its place of origin, continuously implements initiatives and campaigns, that bring people closer to nature, raising awareness and mobilising stakeholders for the protection of Cypriot forests!

Through the consecutive campaigns Draw, Discover & Create Kykkos Forest, KYKKOS has been inspiring the public to discover the beauty, the secrets, the magic and the thousand charms of the forest of Kykkos, making their lives a little bit greener.


Draw Kykkos forest | 2014 campaign

Through the campaign and competition "Draw Kykkos forest", held in 2014, KYKKOS to water managed to bring the forest to the consumer, rather than take the consumer to the forest, building brand love & engagement by inviting children them to do what they love the most: draw & play. In a bold move, something that was never done before, Kykkos Water thanked 4 young artists, by placing their drawing of Kykkos Forest on the 1.5L x 6 package!

Discover Kykkos forest in your City | 2015 campaign

In 2015, following the success of ‘Draw Kykkos Forest’ campaign, Kykkos Water extended its target group to include adults as well. Through the campaign and competition "Discover Kykkos forest", held in 2015, KYKKOS invited consumers and photography enthusiasts to capture every aspect of nature that provokes unique sensations, and to take part in a creative exploration journey, discovering the forest of Kykkos in the city! The 3 photos that stood out were featured on the packaging of Natural Spring Water Kykkos and became a source of inspiration for all Cyprus!

Create Kykkos forest in your City | 2016 campaign

Keeping the momentum, in 2016 KYKKOS embarked on ‘Create Kykkos Forest’ invited the public to take part in a competition entitled "Create the forest of Kykkos in your City". Friends of the KYKKOS brand created their own unique photo using an innovative application on the KYKKOS Facebook page. Winners were announced on October 21st! After picking the winner, Lanitis Bros sponsored the installation of rainwater cisterns for the wild animals of the Kykkos forest!