AVRA Natural Mineral Water, bottled in Aeghio in Achaia, is a 100 percent natural mineral water of excellent quality!

AVRA Natural Mineral Water, packaged in 1l glass bottles, 500ml, 1l and 1.5l PET and multi-packs, consists of 100 percent natural mineral water of excellent quality, coming directly from the Achaean Mountains. It is bottled at Aeghion, according to the highest quality standards, guaranteed through its fully vertical production and without any further processing.

AVRA Natural Mineral Water has been granted the International Taste Award by the International Taste Institute iTQi in Brussels, for its unique taste and quality.

Through the website, AVRA Challenge, AVRA Natural Mineral Water gives tips and advice on how small, positive changes in our everyday routine can make a bigger difference in our health, well-being and mood.

Twist packaging for AVRA water bottle

Following its commitment to sustainable development, in 2014 AVRA Natural Mineral Water reduced the environmental impact of its production by launching the innovative Eco-Flex 500ml and 1.5l PET bottles with 24 percent less plastic (PET), which significantly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and volume of plastic and recycling.