The story of Coca - Cola HBC Cyprus spans for over seven decades; our name combines the long-standing history of a drink that offers moments of happiness to consumers worldwide with that of a Cypriot company that’s invested in the country for 76 years.



  • Our history begins in 1943, when the founder Nicos C. Lanitis became a cosmetics manufacturer. The production of essential oils, extracted from aromatic plants and the treatment of citrus fruit grown on family plantations, was our main business at the time. Hair salons were our clientele but also significant quantities were exported abroad. Until 1949, the product portfolio was enriched with a range of fruit squashes and cordials made from fresh fruit, such as, lemon and orange.


  • Our history changed on the 10th of June in 1950, the day Lanitis Bros became the official Coca‑Cola bottler and distributor in Cyprus, with its first bottling plant based in Limassol.


  • The current Nicosia plant was built with new machinery and a bottling capacity that could produce 210 bottles per minute.


  • We introduced the first family pack and the method of moving products by palettes
  • With the installation of 55 vending machines, one of Europe’s first full service operations gets underway.


  • A new bottling line was launched in the Nicosia factory capable of 490 bottles per minute. Also, we installed the first in Europe, automated machine for checking soft drinks.
  • We launched the king size bottle in 355ml size.


  • Our sports roots are deeply embedded in the local community and most important of all, was the agreement signed this year, with the Cyprus Football Federation for the sponsorship of the Cyprus Cup. In 1998, it was renamed the Coca‑Cola Cup, as it continues to be known today.


  • Our favourite flavoured soft drinks, Fanta and Sprite were introduced and distributed along with Coca‑Cola.
  • The one litre packaging is introduced in the market.


  • We launch Diet Coca‑Cola, which in 2008, was renamed Coca‑Cola light.


  • The innovations continue with the launch of the 1.5 litre PET bottles for home consumption.
  • Lanitis juices and Fanta fruit drinks are produced in Tetra-Pak packaging.


  • We enter the dairy market by importing the FAGE dairy product range.
  • The Company was the first in Europe to introduce the 250ml Tetra Slim Aseptic packaging for its Lanitis juices and one of the first in the world to introduce the Tetra Rex 1litre package with a screw cap.


  • In October, we enter the fresh milk segment. Packaged in the innovative 1 litre PET bottles it manages to disrupt the local milk market, while the milk factory is constructed under the highest international standards for its kind.
Coca-Cola HBC logo


  • The Company was acquired by Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Corporation on the 5th of April. Coca‑Cola Hellenic is one of the largest bottlers of non-alcoholic beverages in Europe. It operates in 28 countries with a geographical range that stretches from the Republic of Ireland to the eastern-most parts of Russia, and from Estonia to Nigeria.
Coca-Cola zero logo


  • We launch Coca‑Cola Zero 


  • The launch of the illy issimo coffee brand in four flavours targeted to capture a big chunk of the important coffee segment of the island.


  • The Kykkos natural spring water is acquired from the Stavropegic Monastery of Kykkos. From June 1st, the Company begins the extraction, bottling, distribution and sale of KYKKOS water.

  • We assume the distribution and sale of MONSTER energy drink.

  • On the 10th anniversary of Lanitis fresh milk the product is re-launched with a new packaging and revamped identity.


  • Coca‑Cola celebrates 125 years of refreshing the world
Coca-Cola building


  • Coca‑Cola HBC achieves a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange


  • Coca‑Cola HBC is listed first in the world among beverage companies according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, three years in a row


  • Lanitis juices are relaunched with a new look and a new logo that highlights the brand values.


  • The new Coca‑Cola with No calories and stevia sweeteners is globally launched in Cyprus and Greece. 


  • The new Coca - Cola Zero Lemon is launched in Cyprus.


  • Coca - Cola Plus Coffee is launched in Cyprus.


  • Lanitis Milk unveils a new practical and modern look. At the same time a wide range of Lanitis Yogurt is launched for the first time.