The Coca‑Cola HBC Group was named according to the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainable Development Index (DJSI) as the leader in the beverage industry sector across Europe.

This is the 6th time in 7 years that it ranks first in the Index and the ninth consecutive year in the top three positions in the industry at global and European level. The Group scored 90 points in the overall standings, achieving the highest possible rating in 11 categories, as well as a significant improvement in another 9 categories, which ranked the company second in the global ranking.

Commenting on the achievement, Coca‑Cola HBC Group CEO Zoran Bogdanovic said: “We are honoured and proud that the commitment of our employees and partners to sustainable practices has once again resulted in this recognition. We are well aware though that this effort does not stop here.  We will continue to step up our efforts for the consistent, long-term delivery of our sustainability goals.”

 The performances that contributed to the high score are:

  • 25% reduction in CO2 emissions across the value chain (compared to 2010), two years earlier than the original 2020 target. Thus, 1.27 million tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved.
  • An Employee Engagement Index of 88%, above the average of FTSE 100 companies
  • 37% of management roles are now held by women, our target is 50% by 2025;
  • 98% of the €3.2 billion of supplier expense relates to local businesses, thus supporting employment and business in the countries where the Group is operating, with the Group's tax contribution to national economies amounting to €328 million
  • €7.9 million investment in programs to support the local communities in which it operates, more than 1/3 of which went towards the Youth Empowered program, which aims to help young people develop personal and professional skills
  • 22% reduction in water use at the Group's plants (compared to 2010)
  • 45% recovery of the total primary packaging it delivered to the market.


The steps taken by Lanitis Bros

In Cyprus, Lanitis Bros, a member of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group, is following its own steps in the field of sustainable development. In particular, as illustrated in the company's first Sustainability Report:

  • The company’s value-added contribution to the Cypriot economy amounts to €28.2 million, which represents 0.16% of Cyprus’ GDP. The company purchases products worth a total of €42.8 million a year from 750 local producers, contributing significantly to the creation of a viable and productive system in Cyprus' agri-food industry.
  • Through its important Corporate Social Responsibility programs such as the Youth Empowered, aiming to equip three thousand young people with the right skills to enter the labour market by 2020, the company creates value in the local community.
  • Through targeted actions, Coca‑Cola Cyprus has long supported the local community, acknowledging that its prosperity is inextricably linked to the growth of the company itself. Coca‑Cola's essential public benefit actions in Cyprus aim to empower young people and protect the environment. Besides Youth Empowered, the company's Corporate Social Responsibility programs that serve the goals above are Zero Waste Beach and Mission Water.
  • It succeeded in reducing the recycling of process waste by 91%.
  • It reduced its use of plastic by 45 tonnes while it fully achieved the goal of creating recyclable packaging
  • It reduced its factories’ CO2 index by 8% compared to 2016.
  • 100% of the company’s refrigerators use a refrigerant that does not affect the ozone layer.
  • It continues to work on developing its portfolio, offering 19 products with little or no calories, with 62% of sales coming from sugar-free products.

It is worth noting that Lanitis Bros Ltd is in line with the broader effort of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group to promote sustainable development commitments for 2025, which span six main pillars:

  • Reduction of pollutant emissions
  • Rational water management
  • Creating a World Without Waste
  • Quality assurance of supplies
  • Reduction of calories in the Drinks Portfolio
  • The contribution to people and societies in which it operates